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Installations and repairs to all Electric Fences...

A correctly designed Electric Fence is  paramount in today's troubled times. An Electric Fence is your Home's or Business' first line of defense.  A correctly designed and installed fence should offer you peace of mind, not only as a physical barrier, but also as an alarm and early warning  system.

But what does this all mean?

Simply put... An Electric Fence is not only a couple of strands of wire on an upright that will stun an intruder with an electric shock. These type of fences are easily by-passed and penetrated.
What happens when the fence is cut?
Does it sound an audible alarm?
Does it activate a visual alarm?
Does it link to your armed response or your cell phone?
Does it link to your perimeter flood lights?  

The above are just some of the additional features a well designed Electric Fence should have.

Here are some very important questions you may want to ask your installation company...
* How many wires does the fence you quoting me on have? (any fence with less than six wires will not be able to act as an alarm - we recommend an eight wire fence as a minimum)

* Will you wire the fence in parallel or in series? (a fence wired in parallel can be cut or tampered with, without sounding an alarm)

* Will my gate be fitted with an In-Line Series switch or a Parallel Switch or just a dangling chain around the fence wire? (if a gate is not fitted with an in-line series switch it can be cut or tampered with, without sounding an alarm)

* Will my fence be earthed? (earthing is vital for a fence's performance- keeps fence voltage high and stable and protects against lightning and interference - the standard is one earth spike for every 50 m of fence) 

* How far apart will each upright be? (the standard is 3 meters)

Electric Fences do not come cheap... If they do then something is wrong! Check and double check before you commit! It is your First Line of Defense and it must be done RIGHT! 

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